Earl R. Fender

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Fender has served as President and CEO since March, 2008. During his tenure, Vertiflex successfully completed the FDA’s largest, most robust device clinical trial for lumbar spinal stenosis, resulting in Pre-market Approval (PMA) of the Superion Direct Decompression System, as well as securing Category I reimbursement. Subsequently, the company has commercialized Superion, experiencing a period of expansive and rapid growth. Vertiflex was acquired by Boston Scientific in June, 2019.

Previously, Mr. Fender served as Worldwide President, DePuy Spine, a Johnson & Johnson company. Under his leadership, global sales grew from $8M to over $1B, operating in 54 countries, making it the world’s second largest spinal implant company. Earlier, Mr. Fender led the U.S. sales organization for Synthes USA, the industry leader in orthopedic trauma products, orchestrating a five-year period of sales force expansion and accelerated growth. Prior to joining Vertiflex, Mr. Fender served as Vice President & General Manager of Osiris Therapeutics, a global leader in adult mesenchymal stem cell technologies. In less than two years, he led Osiris’ Osteocel business from scale-up, to one of the world’s leading commercialized cellular technologies.

Mr. Fender holds a B.A. in Business Administration from Thiel College, and is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Program for Management Development.