Our mission

At Vertiflex, we are relentlessly focused on providing the most advanced, least invasive treatments for lumbar stenosis.

We believe there is a gap in the continuum of care of long-term conservative management and traditional surgery. It’s our mission to improve the standard of care with new solutions that put patient safety and comfort first.

This vision helps us become the definitive source for data related to lumbar stenosis. Our research and development is fueled by a heavy investment in ongoing clinical trials, which is reflected in product innovation and our commitment to partnering with physicians. This allows us to reimagine and develop less invasive treatment procedures.

We believe patients deserve to take back their lives with new products and procedures that are simple, safe, and clinically proven to be effective.

Reimagining Lumbar Stenosis Treatments.

Declaration for California Compliance Law

As part of Vertiflex’s ongoing efforts in the area of compliance, we have developed and implemented a Comprehensive Compliance Program that is designed to comply with applicable federal and state laws as well as industry standards relating to the marketing and promotion of our products. To our knowledge, as of the date of this declaration, Vertiflex is in material compliance with its Comprehensive Compliance Program, and, should it apply, with California Health & Safety Code, Sections 119400- 119402.